Foolish the wisdom of the world

Words by Hilary Jolly
Music by Richard Powell


Verse 1: 
Foolish the wisdom of the world,
its certainties denied
by wisdom of God’s foolishness
that is Christ crucified.
He chose the weak to shame the strong,
the fool to shame the wise.
He lifted high the humble things
philosophers despise.

Christ is my strength, my righteousness,
who shatters worldly pride.
God, grant that I should nothing know
except Christ crucified.

Verse 2:
Freely I’ll share the saving grace
that he has given to me.
Let me be all things to all men
that some his grace might see.
I am content to play the part
that he would have me play.
No slave of men, I’ll not forget
the price he chose to pay.


Verse 3:
Let not the yeast of sin and shame
work in the church of Christ;
Jesus, our perfect Lamb of God
for us was sacrificed.
This foolish message of the cross
we preach, though some deride.
We fools for Jesus cannot boast
save in Christ crucified.


Based on 1 Corinthians
Words © 1998 Hilary Jolly/Jubilate Hymns Ltd. Used with permission.
Music © 2007 St Andrew the Great

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