Prayer is probably the greatest privilege of the Christian life. When we pray, we get direct access to the God who owns the universe – and he listens to us! Because of this, we want prayer to be the heartbeat of our church life – whether that’s when we’re by ourselves or coming together as a whole church family. 

Church Prayer Meeting

Once a month on a Wednesday, the whole church gathers to pray about lots of different things;  from thanking God for how he’s been good to us, through to asking him to help us and our world.

Prayer starts at 7.50pm, but why not join for food at 7.00pm.

Prayer Meetings:

  • Wednesday 8th February
  • Wednesday 8th March
  • Wednesday 10th May
  • Wednesday 14th June 

Mission Partners

We support other people and organisations in telling people about Jesus all over the world. If you’d like any more information on how to pray for these people, please email the church office.

Spotlight - Women's Ministry

Over the years we’ve supported many women who have made the decision to use their God-given gifts to go into, or continue on in, paid Christian ministry.  We thought we’d spotlight three familiar faces and ask them to give a bit of a flavour of what their work as women in ministry looks like…

Lauren Moate

I’ve been part of St John’s Church in Tunbridge Wells for the last two years. I spend my time helping out with the women’s ministry at St Johns’ as well as doing the Cornhill bible training course in London. I’ve loved getting to know the church family here and it’s been great to have the opportunity to meet up with women to read the bible, lead bible studies and train other leaders to teach God’s word. Times that I’m particularly grateful for are; getting to teach the book of Hosea to our women’s groups after teaching I received at Cornhill, reading the bible with one of my neighbours (who asks great questions) and seeing the difference Jesus has made to various church members going through various challenges.

Vic Ritchie

I work part-time as the Women’s and Families Minister at St Luke’s, Wolverhampton. The church hasn’t had anyone in this role before so I need lots of prayer for wisdom to figure out who and what to focus on. At the moment, I teach the Bible to children during Sunday services and in school assemblies, and to women one-to-one and in our two Bible study groups. We’re also hoping to get some youth work going soon. It would be wonderful to see others grow in confidence and ability to teach others, so please pray for me as I try to encourage and train them. We’d also love to reach out with the gospel more effectively to the people in our parish, particularly the Sikh and Hindu communities, so please pray that we would have such joy that we’re in Christ that we boldly declare His praises to everyone we meet.

Alex Weston

I’m currently in my second year of theological training at Oak Hill College. After working at St Andrew the Great from 2013-2020 I headed off to college to get some further training. The course is varied – Doctrine, Pastoral Ministry, Greek, Hebrew, Cross-Cultural Studies, Church History, and Biblical Studies, just to name a few. College has been brilliant for deepening my understanding of God and gospel ministry, but also helping me to appreciate that he is so much greater than we can imagine. We’re learning to become careful, humble, life-long learners! Residential training also provides the opportunity to live in community and be shaped and formed as we live alongside one another and talk together about the things we’re being taught. I’m so appreciative of being here, and I hope these three years will prepare me well for the next stage of serving the Lord in ministry, wherever that may be.

Alex Pic
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