Electoral Roll

Our electoral roll is the closest thing a Church of England church has to a membership list.  If voting is needed at our annual meeting, the electors are those on the roll.  We’d also encourage you to join because the more people we have signed up, the better our representation in the Church of England as a whole, in which we want our voice to be heard.  

What is the Electoral Roll?

The electoral roll is the list of people who are registered tvote ichurch meetings. Joining the electoral roll allows you to take part in these elections, to stand for election yourself, and to voton any other matters which need to be brought beforthe congregation. 

Who should join?

NB. If you have previously signed up for our electoral roll (from 2019 onwards) there is no need to apply again this year. You can check whether or not you are already signed up by logging in to your MyChurchsuite account if you are unsure!

If you attend St Andrew the Great, considering it to be ‘your church’, then you should join. The more people who join, the greater our voice in the wider Church of England. Our ability to elect representatives to the national ‘General Synod’ depends on the size of our electoral roll. 

Please join the electoral roll to share this responsibility for our church life. Note that to be eligible to join, you must be baptised, aged over 16 (or about to turn 16), and have attended St Andrew the Great regularly for a minimum of six months (by the start of April 2024).

How do I join?

If you would like to apply for enrolment on the Electoral Roll at StAG, click on the link below for the online form.

As mentioned above, if you have previously signed up for our electoral roll (from 2019 onwards) there is no need to apply again this year. If you are unsure whether or not you are already signed up, you can check by logging into your MyChurchsuite account.

You can apply at almost any point during the year. However, each year, we are required to close the Electoral Roll to new applications for a brief period, in order to allow for the annual revision. This year, the Electoral Roll will close for revision on Thursday 25th March 2024. If you wish to join, please apply before then!