Supporting Ukraine

The news of the war in Europe has come as a huge shock and sadness to many of us in the church family. We all share a huge concern for the situation in Ukraine and are wondering how best to respond in support of those fleeing to the UK.

Here’s three ways to respond…

1. Pray

We believe in a God who is sovereign over nations, who rules in justice, and who will one day make all war cease (Psalm 46.9). Although it doesn’t always feel like it, our prayer does actually make a difference.

  • Pray for the Lord’s mercy, that he would redeem this situation and draw people to himself. 
  • Pray for the citizens of Ukraine, especially all the children, caught up in this conflict. 
  • Pray for the church in Ukraine, that God would give them courage in this crisis and that they may proclaim the good news of the gospel.  


Some members of our church family have been joining monthly online prayer sessions for Ukraine hosted by the Association of Evangelists. 

2. Give

One of the most effective ways at the moment of supporting refugees and displaced people from Ukraine is by donating money to experienced relief agencies or local churches working to welcome refugees. One such church is the AC Kopřivnice church in the Czech Republic, one of whose current members used to come to StAG. You can read a presentation about their current work with Ukrainian refugees here.  StAG will be sending donations to support this church’s work with refugees. If you would like to contribute towards these donations, please make a transfer to StAG’s bank account with the reference “UKRAINE”. 

Here are a two Christian organisations that you might also want to consider supporting: 

  • UFM Worldwide is facilitating two project funds to send finances directly to people in and around Ukraine. (Just put ‘Ukraine’ in the giving box).
  • The Slavic Gospel Association is collecting donations for believers in Ukraine. 

3. Open your home

Both individuals and faith groups can sign up to help house refugees from Ukraine who come to the UK.

Alasdair has signed up to host under the organisation of St Andrew the Great, and as and when there is more information from the UK government on what this entails, we will let you know.

Click here if you would like to sign up as an individual.