There’s a voice

Words and Music by Steve Nicholson


Verse 1:
There’s a voice that has spoken
to the end of time
giving one final message
to be sent to all the lands.
He’s an end to all our striving,
bringing grace to satisfy;
and he’s ruling ’til all nations
bow the knee to his commands.

We see Jesus, now exalted –
grace to meet our every need.
King eternal, never changing,
you will safely lead us home.

Verse 2:
There’s a name we can call on
at the Father’s side:
there forever interceding,
he will always hear our cry.
Once for all, by God accepted
as our perfect sacrifice;
By that work his words have power
to redeem and justify.


Verse 3:
Soon our king will return
and bring his children home.
He’s our helper, our great shelter,
in our trials he won’t forsake.
So why cherish what is passing?
Persevere and run the race –
he is faithful, he will do it
for his kingdom cannot shake.


Based on Hebrews
© 2009 St Andrew the Great