Who is Jesus, and how do we explain him?

More than in any other world faith, Christianity is centred around one historical person.  His life and teaching have had a profound impact on our society, whether we’re Christians or not.  He has followers in pretty much every culture.  And yet Jesus was a carpenter from an obscure corner of the Roman Empire. Who is this man?

You’re invited to examine the evidence

We’re beginning a new course on Monday 8th November. Over four Monday evenings we’ll look at the real Jesus, as known in Mark’s gospel, an original account of his life. We’ll see the evidence for who he is, and his claims to be able to bring us real life.

Not a Christian? This is the perfect place to start. There will be plenty of space for questions. Already a Christian? This will be an ideal course to brush up on the essentials of Christianity.

Each evening will include food, a talk and then a time for questions. We start at 7.00pm and finish at 9.00pm. The whole thing is free of charge. All are welcome.

Let us know you’re coming

You are welcome just to turn up on the evening, but, if you are able to, we would be grateful for catering purposes to know in advance that you are coming. Please use the form below.