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Resources to help you get online
and tell your friends about Jesus.

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Online Resources
Christianity Explored have put all their courses online for free, and here they've collated a bunch of resources exploring evangelism in lock-down.
Vic interviews three of our church family about how they have been reading the Bible online with their friends.
Roger Carswell is an evangelist and author. Here he talks about how we share the gospel even when in lockdown.
Somewhere to start when tough questions come your way.
Free resources for 1-2-1s with non-Christian friends which work well over video call.
Free online seeker-friendly Bible studies and discussion videos in Mark, Luke and John's Gospels.
Other helpful articles
Children's author Bethan Lycett blogs for 10ofThose with some practical suggestions for living distinctively in isolation.
Glen Scrivener and the team at Speak Life muse together on how the current crisis offers opportunities for evangelism.
Resources from Christians in Sport to help you speak of Jesus in a time of Coronavirus.
A great course for those new to Christianity used by some in our church. This is a link to buy some of their resources.
This term at StAG we’ve been encouraging people to Pray for Five. But what if I can’t think of five people to pray for?
With the help of John Lennox's new book, we muse on the question of the hour.