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What if I don't have five friends?

Robbie Strachan writes...

This term at StAG we’ve been encouraging people to Pray for Five.
But what if I can’t think of five people to pray for?
Blogger and pastor Tony Merida encourages his church to think about Network Evangelism. He writes: 

Network evangelism isn’t an event; it’s not a program; it’s not something you only do on Tuesday nights at 6 p.m. It’s a lifestyle. It’s about living with gospel intentionality in the everyday rhythms of life. It’s done among the people who fall into your current web of relationships.

Underpinning the concept of Network Evangelism is the idea of God’s sovereignty. You don’t live in Cambridge by accident. In Acts 17, Paul says that God has determined exactly where and when people will live, and he’s done it “so that people might seek him, and perhaps reach out for him and find him…” (Acts 17:27)
This means that God’s surrounded you with people in your everyday sphere of life, and he’s done it for a reason. The people around you matter to God. They are loved by Him but deeply lost, and he longs that they would reach out and find him.
So who are these people?
We could think about these networks and webs of relationships in a few ways, but as we’re Praying for Five perhaps you could try and think of one person from each of the following: 
  1. Familial Network—people in your family, or wider family.
  2. Geographical Network—people in your neighbourhood, or block of flats.
  3. Vocational Network—people at your workplace.
  4. Recreational Network—people you hang out with socially.
  5. Commercial Network—people you see at shops, or who cut your hair and serve you coffee. 
Perhaps pray that God would bring to mind one person from each of these categories.
Perhaps you need to free up a bit of time in your week to make more of these already existing relationships. In some categories, you might be able to picture a person, but not know their name. You could pray for an opportunity to have one conversation in the next few weeks. Once you’ve jotted down some names, get praying. Remember, the Sovereign Lord has put these people in your life for a reason. Who knows what could happen if we pray!

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