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The Christian life is caught as much as taught. At summer camp we get to see other Christians at work: praying, serving, leading people to Christ and encouraging them. It's a great opportunity to model the Christian life to younger Christians and learn from the example of older Christians

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If you are already planning on going on a camp this summer or would like to find out more information about camps to serve on, please complete the form below

Already planning on going on a camp: Please fill in the form below so we can add your details to the summer ventures prayer diary
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If you'd like to get involved in a camp, please fill in the form below:
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Leader – Helping to look after a small group of young people for the week, having fun with them and teaching them about Jesus.
Assistant Leader – The people who make camp happen by doing the practical tasks. You’ll also do Bible studies, be trained, hear great talks and make great
Cook – Being part of the team that keeps everyone else fed and watered, alongside a week of good teaching and spiritual encouragement.